Dallas February STS

February 2, 2019


Sheraton Downtown Dallas
400 N. Olive St.
Dallas, Texas 75201

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Sheraton Downtown Dallas
400 N. Olive St.
Dallas, Texas 75201

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One of the top characteristics of a leader is their ability to contribute.  Help to make the event a success by volunteering for a production team position!

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email:        info@dallassts.com

facebook:  facebook.com/DallasSTS

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Dallas STS Top Producers

First Name
Last Name
Marketing Plan Level:
JamieBowmanGlobal Expansion Team (GET)17300
MelanieTorresMillionaire Team12540
JoshuaKastenWorld Team12313
WylieWebbActive World Team12122
AlissaLedeboerGlobal Expansion Team (GET)12060
AshleyTropeaMillionaire Team11661
Ashley & ScottStanleyMillionaire Team10828
AaronReynoldsPresident's Team10803
Ernest & AshlieTriceMillionaire Team10418
TammyBeardActive World Team10347
Julio and MariaRodriguezGlobal Expansion Team (GET)10308
Andrew & SandyZermenoWorld Team10300
MelissaHawkinsGlobal Expansion Team (GET)10206
AllieParkerActive World Team10134
LisaSniderGlobal Expansion Team (GET)10126
MichaelRichardsonActive World Team10103
LeilaniSpoonerGlobal Expansion Team (GET)10094
RayCarterGlobal Expansion Team (GET)9515
ValaquawnCareyGET 2.5K9408
AmandaTilleryMIL 7.5K8966
LauraLewisActive World Team8784
SesleyRusselGlobal Expansion Team (GET)8545
NaomiSwansonMillionaire Team8269
Jake & HeatherHollowayPresident's Team8210
ToryPhillipsWorld Team7605
RussellMeadowsGlobal Expansion Team (GET)7587
Marie & ReneSierra-ArroyoWorld Team7529
AprilFairchildWorld Team7443
LisaJusticeMillionaire Team7305
EarlDillwithActive World Team6913
OliviaSouthardWorld Team6838
NicoleHensonMillionaire Team6465
SandraHodgeGET 2.5K6280
MichelleNelsonGlobal Expansion Team (GET)6250
marlinterrellGlobal Expansion Team (GET)6222
LeilaniTupuaGlobal Expansion Team (GET)6200
Rosie & GilbertFloresWorld Team6132
MatSlovacekGET 2.5K5800
JasmineOatisWorld Team5663
BreaGriffithGlobal Expansion Team (GET)5447
PaulaAlvarezGlobal Expansion Team (GET)5267
Jaret and BrittanyRobertoWorld Team5226
MandyHollingerWorld Team5180
KrystalSaenzGlobal Expansion Team (GET)5178
NicoleTigerGlobal Expansion Team (GET)5153
LisaChristianWorld Team5099
BrandonWoodstockActive World Team5093
NarahiBenitezActive World Team5042
ClaudiaMolledaMillionaire Team5027
TomNewkirkWorld Team5002
AnaRodriguezWorld Team5000
KarlyAdkinsWorld Team4441
JenniferGilliardWorld Team4237
MariSandersWorld Team3823
EstherSilvaWorld Team3618
SondraFloresGlobal Expansion Team (GET)2757
JeanetteRowlandWorld Team1931
JenniferStatumWorld Team1839
JenniferArchieWorld Team1066