December 2021 LIVE
Success Training Seminar

We are SO EXCITED to announce that the next LIVE Dallas Success Training School will take place in Plano, TX on September 11th! 🤩

This event is scheduled to take place on an alternative weekend to the Virtual STS hosted by Herbalife to ensure that everyone can attend the event that is right for them! 💚

Saturday, December 11, 2021
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CST
Countdown to the
December 2021 LIVE STS
w/ Incredible Local
President’s Team Members

You Can Help Make The Event a Success

One of the top characteristics of a leader is their ability to contribute.  Help to make the event a success by volunteering for a production team position!

Dallas STS - October Mentoring Session

Dallas STS - September LIVE Event



STS and Map Details:

Plano Event Center
2000 E. Spring Creek Pkwy
Plano, Texas 75074
Directions / Parking

Submit Your Volume (DVP) for VIP and the Top Producers List

Please use the form below to submit your FINAL DVP.
2,500+ DV & Brand New Supervisors = Active Supervisor School.
3,500+ DV = Active Supervisor School & Exclusive Mentoring Call
5,000+ DV = Gold VIP Seating @ the VIP Tables in Front of General Seating
10,000+ DV = Diamond VIP Seating at the Round Tables in the Front next to the President's Team
Please allow up to a 2-hour delay after submission for your volume to be shown on the Top Producers list.

Dallas STS Top Producers

Although it typically updates quickly, please allow up to a 2-hour delay before your newly submitted volume is displayed.
First Name
Last Name
Marketing Plan Level:
JamieBowmanGlobal Expansion Team (GET)20776
Wylie and AngelaWebbWorld Team17874
CalebKlousGlobal Expansion Team (GET)17176
MatSlovacekGET 2.5K16700
AngelaNicholsGET 2.5K14426
AlexandraGreerGlobal Expansion Team (GET)14143
FredKlingelbergerGlobal Expansion Team (GET)12832
Ashley & ScottStanleyMillionaire Team12680
Salomon & ElypsisLiraWorld Team12150
AngieAveryWorld Team12065
Julio & MariaRodriguezGlobal Expansion Team (GET)11996
DustyPhillipsWorld Team11962
Shane and SandraHodgeGET 2.5K11548
Candie & JeromeGallowayPresident's Team11518
RayCarterGlobal Expansion Team (GET)11183
NathanDurhamWorld Team11084
Lindsey & HaellieHartActive World Team11053
RamieCaseboltGlobal Expansion Team (GET)11023
MattKingGlobal Expansion Team (GET)11009
LisaJusticeMillionaire Team10876
Hector & RoxanaVelaGlobal Expansion Team (GET)10693
BenCordleMillionaire Team10597
Mike & AmandaTilleryMIL 7.5K10246
BrookeHardenWorld Team10215
JoeCortez IVGET 2.5K10212
TrenieStanleyActive World Team10110
AlissaLedeboerGlobal Expansion Team (GET)10094
Will & BethFlorenceGlobal Expansion Team (GET)10075
OliviaSouthardWorld Team10020
Wes &WendiArmstrongPresident's Team10005
Stephen & PatriciaBirdsongGlobal Expansion Team (GET)9530
AspenRussellWorld Team9197
NicolaGrahamMillionaire Team9195
AllieParkerActive World Team9172
AmberOwenWorld Team8977
NaomiSwansonMillionaire Team8935
JenniferCulverhouseGlobal Expansion Team (GET)8855
Heather and JustinDawsonPresident's Team8666
Joni and BrianSimaActive World Team8647
JessicaHowardWorld Team8543
YuridiaArellanoGET 2.5K8451
ValerieVasquezGET 2.5K8082
Alyssa & TylerKearnsWorld Team8043
BreaGriffithGlobal Expansion Team (GET)8039
deniseneustadterGlobal Expansion Team (GET)7900
ErnestTriceMillionaire Team7890
CharlesSpradlinGlobal Expansion Team (GET)7840
RocioVillalobosWorld Team7813
Sean and SarahLopesMillionaire Team7758
MeganHolmesWorld Team7706
DesmondDickinsonGlobal Expansion Team (GET)7666
MayraLeonGlobal Expansion Team (GET)7612
LindsiJohnsonWorld Team7600
OrlandoLunaMillionaire Team7565
JenaMcCannActive World Team7464
MichelleNelsonGlobal Expansion Team (GET)7400
AngelaCrainWorld Team7302
AshlieTriceGlobal Expansion Team (GET)7302
EricHickmanPresident's Team7296
DominiquePerrymanWorld Team7200
SarahFederMillionaire Team7200
ChristeneDumireWorld Team7000
ShannonShepherdGET 2.5K6954
AprilFairchildWorld Team6873
sesley& BroderickrusselMillionaire Team6787
KaytlinMorrowGET 2.5K6779
AliChristianWorld Team6665
JordanKinardWorld Team6650
JordanKinardWorld Team6650
JordanKinardWorld Team6650
MeganNiebauerActive World Team6461
JakeHollowayPresident's Team6404
BrittanyTwitty JohnsonGlobal Expansion Team (GET)6400
LisaSniderGlobal Expansion Team (GET)6356
MistyeClaryGlobal Expansion Team (GET)6348
BrandonWoodstockActive World Team6333
SandyAnthonyWorld Team6185
AndrewZermeñoWorld Team6179
CodyGrieverWorld Team6140
JennyRiedelWorld Team6098
JanieNardielloActive World Team5903
KellyHendricksWorld Team5857
Kelly & CodyHendricksWorld Team5857
DwanaJacobWorld Team5789
Chris & RoxanneBunkoffWorld Team5681
ShannonMoonWorld Team5603
HaileyNorrisWorld Team5457
MelissaWallaceActive World Team5435
LaurieHaleWorld Team5403
MarieAustriaWorld Team5384
HannaWagesWorld Team5290
DymonAlfredActive World Team5252
EmilyArmstrongWorld Team5226
AlanRamirezWorld Team5218
SandraPadillaWorld Team5212
KitLamMillionaire Team5200
KaitlynPairWorld Team5158
SherryclonchWorld Team5131
BrittanyEppsGET 2.5K5129
MelissaAaronGlobal Expansion Team (GET)5100
JenniferGilliardWorld Team5085
JesseBellGlobal Expansion Team (GET)5063
AmyWrightWorld Team5046
VirginiaBlakesPresident's Team5032
YomairaVillarrealGlobal Expansion Team (GET)5007
MelanieJamesWorld Team5003
MariSandersWorld Team5002
LauraSmithWorld Team4717
LaurieHaleWorld Team4684
CandiceTongsonWorld Team4652
TravisMcCullumWorld Team4275
DarcieCarpenterWorld Team4168
CadenDavisWorld Team4149
LindaMirelesWorld Team4084
MariaCobosWorld Team4049
QuieranBurnettMillionaire Team4038
TiffineyJacksonActive World Team3922
SabrinaPadillaWorld Team3863
SarahJohnstonActive World Team3705
Brittany and LukePatmanPresident's Team3700
AlexisAndersenGlobal Expansion Team (GET)3670
Gilbert & Rosie FloresFloresWorld Team3662
CotiDawsonGET 2.5K3600
MandyKellerGlobal Expansion Team (GET)3585
VickkiCannonWorld Team3583
JamiVeaWorld Team3581
ChristyFriddleWorld Team3575
LianaGainesGlobal Expansion Team (GET)3511
DoloresVidalActive World Team3500
SondraFloresGlobal Expansion Team (GET)3345
TondraCliftonWorld Team3068
MigdaliaRosalesWorld Team3064
JenniferArchieWorld Team2879
AntoinetteAllenWorld Team2772
AlisonHandleyActive World Team2611
LatissueWallaceWorld Team2575
AlexandrMcDanielWorld Team2543
ShelidaLockhartWorld Team2543
ShowTimeWorld Team2538
JovinaClarkWorld Team2536
ChandraHargroveWorld Team2530
AimeeRachalWorld Team2500
CarlEddingtonWorld Team2492
AdamMorganWorld Team1267
AmberRobertsQualified Producer1022
TracyAllenQualified Producer954
DEVANTEDAVISQualified Producer524
ASHLEYBlairQualified Producer398
JoeBlowGET 2.5K1

Upcoming Live & Virtual
STS Event Dates

Herbalife Virtual September STS – September 18, 2021
October Leadership Development Weekend  – October 15 – 17, 2021
Herbalife Virtual November STS – November 20, 2021
Dallas STS – LIVE December STS  –  December 11, 2021
Herbalife Virtual STS  – December
– December 18, 2021

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Supported by the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation and comprised of local Herbalife Distributors, the CASA Herbalife Dallas program is proud be partnered with the Wilkinson Center.

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