June 2021 LIVE
Success Training Seminar

We know that many people have been patiently waiting for IN-PERSON events to make their comeback…

Well, the wait is OVER!!! 🙌🏻

We are SO EXCITED to announce that the next LIVE Dallas Success Training School will take place in Plano, TX on June 26th! 🤩

This event is scheduled to take place on an alternative weekend to the Virtual STS hosted by Herbalife to ensure that everyone can attend the event that is right for them! 💚

Saturday, June 26, 2021
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CST

You Can Help Make The Event a Success

One of the top characteristics of a leader is their ability to contribute.  Help to make the event a success by volunteering for a production team position!

Countdown to the
June 2021 LIVE STS
w/Guest Speaker
15K Executive
President's Team
Jennifer Micheli

You Can Help Make The Event a Success

One of the top characteristics of a leader is their ability to contribute.  Help to make the event a success by volunteering for a production team position!

STS and Map Details:

Plano Event Center
2000 E. Spring Creek Pkwy
Plano, Texas 75074
Directions / Parking

Submit Your Volume (DVP) for VIP and the Top Producers List

Please use the form below to submit your FINAL DVP.
2,500+ DV & Brand New Supervisors = Active Supervisor School.
3,500+ DV = Active Supervisor School & Exclusive Mentoring Call
5,000+ DV = Gold VIP Seating @ the VIP Tables in Front of General Seating
10,000+ DV = Diamond VIP Seating at the Round Tables in the Front next to the President's Team
Please allow up to a 2-hour delay after submission for your volume to be shown on the Top Producers list.

Dallas STS Top Producers

Although it typically updates quickly, please allow up to a 2-hour delay before your newly submitted volume is displayed.
First Name
Last Name
Marketing Plan Level:
RoseEscobarWorld Team556299
Wylie and AngelaWebbWorld Team27604
AlissaLedeboerGlobal Expansion Team (GET)20270
Shane and SandraHodgeGET 2.5K18745
Will & BethFlorenceGlobal Expansion Team (GET)17800
ValaquawnCareyGlobal Expansion Team (GET)16301
AllieParkerWorld Team13916
PatriciaBirdsongGlobal Expansion Team (GET)13304
Heather and JustinDawsonMIL 7.5K13081
Tony & LauraHayesPresident's Team12794
Kristen and RayCarterGlobal Expansion Team (GET)12692
Lindsey and HaellieHartActive World Team12023
EricHickmanMillionaire Team11822
Mike & AmandaTilleryMillionaire Team11766
Roxana & HèctorTorresGlobal Expansion Team (GET)11400
BridgetStoneWorld Team10787
BreaGriffithGlobal Expansion Team (GET)10763
Jesse and HaleyBellGlobal Expansion Team (GET)10633
MelissaWallaceActive World Team10620
JanieNardielloActive World Team10344
KalysaLongWorld Team10326
DeniseNeustadterGlobal Expansion Team (GET)10170
Ashley & ScottStanleyGET 2.5K10093
MuluTana HernandezWorld Team9793
BrittanyTwitty JohnsonActive World Team9600
Samantha MichaelFreeman crumpSupervisor8632
CarlEddingtonWorld Team8626
CarolNaborsWorld Team8624
RyannLewisMillionaire Team8265
CandiceTongsonWorld Team8019
Chris & RoxanneBunkoffWorld Team7887
ShellyWagnerActive World Team7730
NicoleChildsActive World Team7678
AndrewZermenoWorld Team7546
AmandaNaborsActive World Team7516
EmilyArmstrongWorld Team7060
Tyler & AlyssaKearnsWorld Team6999
JustinBaileyWorld Team6626
DallasBrownWorld Team6600
AmandaSimantsWorld Team6473
LaurieHaleWorld Team6299
SandyAnthonyWorld Team6173
Arlene & KennyCollinsWorld Team5975
BreannaTilleryWorld Team5545
SarahJohnstonWorld Team5367
MacieHillWorld Team5350
BrittanyTaborWorld Team5341
Kyle and LisaMooreMIL 7.5K5315
MariSandersWorld Team5244
CadenDavisWorld Team5135
VickkiCannonWorld Team5023
DestinyHammargrenActive World Team5022
DarcieCarpenterWorld Team4668
CandishaSmithWorld Team4624
Denise and DanielMartinezGlobal Expansion Team (GET)4600
VirginiaBlakesPresident's Team4500
JennyRiedelWorld Team4500
JenniferBerquistWorld Team4389
LauraValdezWorld Team4366
HarleySextonWorld Team4100
LisaChristianWorld Team4000
MariaCobosWorld Team3912
LianaGainesActive World Team3766
BertaSalasWorld Team3586
JessicaCowartWorld Team3536
KellyYawWorld Team3528
JulieDeLandQualified Producer1126

Upcoming Live & Virtual
STS Event Dates

April Leadership Development Weekend  – Virtual
April 23-25, 2021
Virtual May STS –  May 22, 2021
Virtual June STS  – June 19, 2021
LIVE June STS  – June 26, 2021
Extravaganza – July 9 – 11, 2021
LIVE August STS – August 14, 2021
Virtual August STS  – August 21, 2021
LIVE September STS – September 11, 2021
Virtual September STS – September 18, 2021
October Leadership Development Weekend  – TBA
Virtual November STS – November 20, 2021
LIVE December STS  –  December 11, 2021
Virtual STS  – December
– December 18, 2021

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