Dallas February STS

February 2, 2019


Sheraton Downtown Dallas
400 N. Olive St.
Dallas, Texas 75201

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Sheraton Downtown Dallas
400 N. Olive St.
Dallas, Texas 75201

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One of the top characteristics of a leader is their ability to contribute.  Help to make the event a success by volunteering for a production team position!

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email:        info@dallassts.com

facebook:  facebook.com/DallasSTS

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Dallas STS Top Producers

First Name
Last Name
Marketing Plan Level:
Brea and KoreyGriffithGlobal Expansion Team (GET)13758
AmandaTilleryMillionaire Team10630
AlissaLedeboerActive World Team10417
EricHickmanMillionaire Team8924
Keifer & TaylorAveryActive World Team8706
Will & BethFlorenceGlobal Expansion Team (GET)8523
MichelleNelsonActive World Team8200
Heather and JustinDawsonTeam 7.5K7761
PatriciaBirdsongGlobal Expansion Team (GET)7381
AnteneshiaLindseyGlobal Expansion Team (GET)7038
Lindsey & HaellieHartSupervisor6845
DeniseNeustadterGlobal Expansion Team (GET)6733
AllieParkerWorld Team6680
VirginiaBlakesPresident's Team6338
Dan & MalloryDolanMillionaire Team6235
NaomiSwansonMillionaire Team6147
KalysaLongWorld Team5871
Wes & WendiArmstrongPresident's Team5664
AshleighGeorgeWorld Team5542
Ashley & ScottStanleyGET 2.5K5520
Don & LauraSmithWorld Team5341
MistyeClaryActive World Team5098
MacieHillWorld Team5022
TiffineyJacksonWorld Team5014
Shane and SandraHodgeGET 2.5K4901
TraceyAllenWorld Team4862
AlisonHandleyWorld Team4804
ChrissyDumireWorld Team4638
MariSandersWorld Team4507
BrittanyTwitty JohnsonActive World Team4402
KellyYawWorld Team4371
MelissaAaronGlobal Expansion Team (GET)4221
SandyAnthonyWorld Team4190
JenniferHallTeam 7.5K4113
HarleySextonWorld Team4100
JanieNardielloActive World Team4087
Christopher and HunterAdamsWorld Team4034
BarbaraFedorWorld Team4005
SarahJohnstonWorld Team3560
JuliaHittWorld Team3551
Kyle and LisaMooreTeam 7.5K3542
CurtisLeeMillionaire Team3518
AquaninaJollyGlobal Expansion Team (GET)3501
AngelaHarbesonWorld Team3390
SonjaRichardsActive World Team3368
AlexisHallGlobal Expansion Team (GET)3325
DeltraCortesPresident's Team3280
AmandaSimantsWorld Team3048
VickkiCannonWorld Team3032
LaurieHaleWorld Team3014