November 2020 - Corporate
Virtual Success Training Seminar

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Dallas STS Top Producers

Although it typically updates quickly, please allow up to a 2-hour delay before your newly submitted volume is displayed.
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Marketing Plan Level:
KellyYawWorld Team271248
Shauna HallHallSupervisor19860
Will & BethFlorenceGlobal Expansion Team (GET)17392
KitLamMillionaire Team14023
AlissaLedeboerActive World Team13403
Dan & MalDolanMillionaire Team11382
Keifer & TaylorAveryActive World Team10390
Mike & AmandaTilleryMillionaire Team9658
DeniseNeustadterGlobal Expansion Team (GET)8224
EricHickmanMillionaire Team8089
ChrissyDumireWorld Team7800
RoxanaTorresGlobal Expansion Team (GET)7768
Brea & KoreyGriffithGlobal Expansion Team (GET)7492
Shane and SandraHodgeGET 2.5K7483
HeatherDawsonTeam 7.5K7407
DakotaWilliamsWorld Team7152
JanieNardielloActive World Team7098
Ashley & ScottStanleyGET 2.5K6851
PatriciaBirdsongGlobal Expansion Team (GET)6758
AllieParkerWorld Team6687
MistyeClaryActive World Team6294
Don & LauraSmithWorld Team6070
DeltraCortesPresident's Team6060
ShannonShepherdGlobal Expansion Team (GET)5911
AshleyEvansWorld Team5566
AngelaHarbesonWorld Team5367
JenniferSilvaWorld Team5262
VirginiaBlakesPresident's Team5129
SandyAnthonyWorld Team5119
ShamarianTannGlobal Expansion Team (GET)5100
SarahJohnstonWorld Team5040
LaShawnWatsonWorld Team5018
TanzaTrammellActive World Team5012
AlisonHandleyWorld Team4988
AmandaSimantsWorld Team4456
HarleySextonWorld Team4448
RachelGarciaWorld Team4327
TiffineyJacksonWorld Team4119
PaulaAlvarezGlobal Expansion Team (GET)3826
BrittanyTwitty JohnsonWorld Team3794
Kyle and LisaMooreTeam 7.5K3785
KameillaChambersWorld Team3770
EmilyArmstrongWorld Team3658
JustinBaileyWorld Team3646
DoloresRuizActive World Team3642
VanessaKelseyWorld Team3640
Alisia & RubenAguillonSupervisor3619
Bianca & StevenAlicea RodríguezGET 2.5K3586
BrittanyEppsGET 2.5K3584
GinaTaylorWorld Team3524
Ellie & JayEscaleraWorld Team3515
BertaSalasWorld Team3510
VickkiCannonWorld Team3508
RaymondDuplechainGET 2.5K3507
CURTISLEEMillionaire Team3329
JesseBellGlobal Expansion Team (GET)3246
LisaChristianWorld Team3200
LianaGainesActive World Team3174
DoloresVidalActive World Team3166
DiamondDemmerWorld Team3026
AprilAlexanderWorld Team3023
KorriHallWorld Team3016
LolitaJonesWorld Team3010
MariaZapataActive World Team3000
Arlene & KennyCollinsWorld Team2867
LauraValdezWorld Team2718

Created in 1994 by Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes (1956-2000), the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) is a global non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world by helping provide access to good nutrition to millions of children in developing countries and around the world suffer from malnutrition. HNF envisions a world where every child has equal access to healthy nutrition. They fund grants to charitable organizations that give vulnerable children the nutrition they need to reach their full potential. Additionally, HNF often supports relief efforts in response to catastrophic natural disasters around the world.

Supported by the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation and comprised of local Herbalife Distributors, the CASA Herbalife Dallas program is proud be partnered with the Wilkinson Center.

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